How to support

If we value merit
it’s also your merit

You can support the activities of the Almo Collegio Borromeo in different ways:

The system for donating to Collegio Borromeo will soon be online.


A small action represents a great opportunity for our future.
It is possible to allocate the 5 × 1000 income tax for individuals to the Almo Collegio Borromeo when submitting the tax return form.

To do so, just indicate in the relevant part of the form

the College tax code: 80000010183

in the field dedicated to the “Support of voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, associations of social promotion and recognized associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in art. 10, p. 1, lett. a), of Legislative Decree n. 460 of 1997.

Memorial scholarships, free donations and bequests

To support the studies of our students, it is possible to establish a scholarship in memory of a loved one, to cover partial or total expenses incurred in the College; or it is possible to make donations and testamentary bequests which constitute the patrimony with which the College supports its structures and maintains the students.

Anyone wishing to join or receive further clarification, can contact our administration:
Phone +39 0382.395502