Mission and Values

The Almo Collegio Borromeo is the oldest meritocratic university residence in Italy: founded in 1561 by Saint Charles Borromeo, it was born with the constantly pursued intention to offer to particularly deserving students without financial means the possibility to study at the University of Pavia.


Today, it is an internationally recognized private institution, offering services and activities to over 190 students, researchers and teachers from all over the world; it is a founding member of the Conference of Meritocratic University Residences accredited by the Italian Ministry University and Research, and the University of Pavia .


The explanatory notes, identity, financial statements and details of the stakeholders of the Collegio Borromeo are detailed in the social report.

An educational

An educational experience that integrates the university curriculum with in-depth, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses that qualify the personalized formative plan agreed with the Rector; moreover, the College promotes numerous university courses that students can include in their study plan. Our University Residence, inspired by traditional Christian values, has always combined human growth with academic progress, training everyone’s talents.

A community

A community experience to promote the openness to others, generating friendships that last for a lifetime. It is the beauty of intergenerationality, which educates to take care of others; it is the knowledge of interdisciplinarity, an antidote to the hyperspecialization of university knowledge; it is the good fortune of having a bright tomorrow, the convenience of relationships that can add time to time.

An international

An international experience, a place that promotes mobility through teacher and student circulation. In particular, the Collegio welcomes young people from all over the world and funds periods of study and research abroad, through numerous collaborations and partnerships with foreign universities and colleges and by integrating the University of Pavia’s Erasmus+ Scholarships.