Master’s Degree selection announcements

ATTENTION: places available for competition for Single Cycle Master’s Degree courses (Law, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies, Building Engineering/Architecture [but NOT the other Engineering classes], Medicine and Surgery in Italian language, Medicine and Surgery in English language, Dentistry and dental prostheses) are included in the Ordinary Selection Announcement. If interested, please refer to that Announcement and not to this one.

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Modality of test and technical instructions (ITA version)






STUDY GRANTS – News on Scholarships page


  • enrollment in degree courses at the University of Pavia;
  • educational qualification that gives access to university degree courses, achieved with a grade of at least 80/100 (or equivalent);
  • to be under the age of 26;
  • have taken, by the end of October 2020, all the exams provided for in the Bachelor’s Degree plan with an average for each year of not less than 27/30 or equivalent (and each exam with a grade of not less than 24/30 or equivalent);
  • achieve the Bachelor’s Degree by 31 December 2020;
  • to be free of criminal convictions and pending criminal proceedings.


Required documents

  • digital color photo;
  • copy of a valid ID;
  • copy of the tax code;
  • statement of purpose;
  • curriculum vitae
  • transcript of records and mathematical average of marks;
  • acquittal certification of the exams taken and of the discussion of the degree thesis;
  • digital copy of the degree thesis or, if not completed, of the thesis project;
  • any other qualifications and/or certificates;
  • personal/familiar income statement.

Upon registration, candidates will receive instructions to complete and submit the presentation letter. The letter has to be drawn up by a person indicated by the candidate. The candidate will indicate relevant contact details and addressed of the person, to the attention of the Rector.


Announcement MEET “Medicine Enhanced by Engeneering Technologies”


Because of a special agreement, 2 more places are available for Italian and foreign students according to the results of the announcement presented by the University of Pavia named MEET “Medicine Enhanced by Engeneering Technologies” for the students of the third year of the Degree in Medicine and Surgery (Golgi and Harvey). These places are awarded according to a specific evaluation process. The students that already are in the Collegio Borromeo are excluded from this announcement.

Application for study places for FOREIGN APPLICANTS in MSc in Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences – University of Pavia/IUSS a.y. 2021-22

deadlines: until 12 noon on Friday 9 July 2021

Services offered
The annual contribution (€ 550,00/monthly for 11 month) for the entire period when the College is open (from October 2021 to August 2022 excluding closure for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays) includes the following services: RESIDENTIAL: single rooms with bathroom or shared bathroom (some rooms have air conditioning); utilities and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance included; weekly cleaning and sanitation and periodic sanitization; laundry for personal items (for a fee, coin-operated washer-dryer); full board (7/7) in the open period excluding national and local holidays (refectory service for breakfast, lunch and dinner or alternatively at the request of the student, for some specific degree courses, it is possible to reimburse the costs incurred for the university canteen); concierge and guardian 24h (7/7); chapel; study rooms, conference room, meeting rooms; library(with possibility of book loan), historical archive (subject to specific regulations), newspaper library; computer rooms with printers and photocopiers (with a paid print card); gym, soccer field, basketball, tennis, soccer field); music room (with pianos); recreation rooms, TV rooms; gardens and park; bicycle parking. EDUCATIONAL: cultural in-depth activities, through interdisciplinary courses and courses recognized by theUniversity of Pavia; thematic workshops of national and international character; integrative interdisciplinary courses aimed at acquiring transversal skills; music programmes; individual orientation interviews with the management staff and with industry professionals; tutoring activities on the university course and university exams with internal students (junior tutors), professors, graduate students (senior tutors); language courses aimed at obtaining certifications; orientation to Erasmus exchange programs and internationalization programs (winter/summer school and conferences); orientation and introduction to the world of work through individual interviews and group activities (internship and internship opportunities, company visits, meetings with professionals); opportunities for discussion and sharing with other students, the management staff, former students, also through community activities such as sports teams for intercollegiate tournaments, musical activities.

Conditions of acceptance of the place
The Board of Director will define the ranking list for admission to the College to the score obtained by the candidate in the evaluation of qualifications and will formulate the ranking by Friday 16July 2021. Only the winners will be notified of the outcome of the competition by e-mail. By Tuesday 20 July 2021, hours 19 the winners of college places must communicate in writing via e-mail a declaration of acceptance or non-acceptance of their place. The Administration may – on a discretionary basis – consider the failure to communicate within the prescribed terms as a refusal.On acceptance, all formal and economic requirements of the place, including the payment of the confirmation deposit of € 500.00 (non-refundable if the place is cancelled) must be fulfilled. Subsequently, the assignees of the place must sign the hospitality contract (which must be countersigned by the cohabiting parents) in which they accept the economic conditions, the rules and regulations in force of the College sharing the Christian inspiration that characterizes them, the ethical code, the organizational model, the personalized educational plan linked to “non-formal” learning as indicated in the Legislative Decree 13/2013, to be carried out during the academic year of stay.