Tutoring and coaching

Collegio Borromeo is a place of education for life and asks its students for an individual path both on the level of human maturity and on the academic level.

There are several figures present to accompany students on their path:


The Collegio provides a coaching service to closely accompany each student and guide him in his own human growth. Through personal interviews, we try to bring out and give a name to personal qualities and difficulties that have arisen, and to monitor participation in community life.

Senior tutor

The Collegio provides a didactic tutoring service. Senior Tutors are highly qualified young PhD students, assistants and researchers from the University of Pavia who accompany the students in compiling the study plan, in approaching academic studies and in face-to-face interviews where required.

Junior tutor

In the day-to-day life, made up of work and study, some senior students support the younger pupils and help them clarify their doubts emerged while studying and deepen specific issues of the various disciplines.