Master’s Degree selection announcements

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Modality of test and technical instructions (ITA version)






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  • enrollment in degree courses at the University of Pavia;
  • educational qualification that gives access to university degree courses, achieved with a grade of at least 80/100 (or equivalent);
  • to be under the age of 26;
  • have taken, by the end of October 2020, all the exams provided for in the Bachelor’s Degree plan with an average for each year of not less than 27/30 or equivalent (and each exam with a grade of not less than 24/30 or equivalent);
  • achieve the Bachelor’s Degree by 31 December 2020;
  • to be free of criminal convictions and pending criminal proceedings.


Required documents

  • digital color photo;
  • copy of a valid ID;
  • copy of the tax code;
  • statement of purpose;
  • curriculum vitae
  • transcript of records and mathematical average of marks;
  • acquittal certification of the exams taken and of the discussion of the degree thesis;
  • digital copy of the degree thesis or, if not completed, of the thesis project;
  • any other qualifications and/or certificates;
  • personal/familiar income statement.

Upon registration, candidates will receive instructions to complete and submit the presentation letter. The letter has to be drawn up by a person indicated by the candidate. The candidate will indicate relevant contact details and addressed of the person, to the attention of the Rector.