The Collegio Borromeo promotes a conspicuous cultural activity. Numerous courses are accredited at the University of Pavia, aimed at all students of the University, and are recognized in CFU, upon passing the relevant exam. These courses are open to the public and recognized as non-formal activities for pupils who have not included them in their academic study plan.


Furthermore, the College proposes a relevant non-formal activity (non-accredited courses, conferences, B-talks, concerts and different cultural events) which constitutes a solid cultural heritage for students and allows them to carry out the hours requested by the Italian Ministry of University and Research to obtain the Diploma College.


Following these programs, the Collegio Borromeo promotes culture at every level, not only the academic one; a real laboratory of thinking, open to anyone who wants to experience it.


HERE the training program for the College students in the academic year 2019-2020.